Kuwait Running Out Of Water: Desalination Capabilities Not Keeping Up With Consumption

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“Kuwaitis are consuming almost more water than the country can produce. An estimated 1.5 million cubic meters of water was being consumed daily in Kuwait, dangerously close to country’s maximum production capacity, the business news site Arabian Business reported.

According to the report Kuwait, which produces nearly all of its water from desalination plants, produces just 1.51 million cubic meters of water a year. The Gulf state, like its neighbors in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, has all but depleted their fresh waters supplies and depend heavily on desalinated seawater to meet the demands of their growing populations.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Electricity and Water has plans to add an additional 150,000 cubic meters daily this coming year, about a 10 percent increase in daily production. Even this was not expected to be enough to keep up with the population growth and higher water demands. More capabilities were needed to meet demands in 2012 and 2013.

Kuwaitis say that the government has been encouraging people to cut back on their consumption in commercial on TV and in newspapers.

€œThe rate in the increase in urban water consumption in Kuwait, as well as in most of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, is relatively high if compared to other parts of the world. And it is rather escalating in some of the GCC, professor Waleed Al-Zubari of the Department of Water Resources Management, Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain, told The Media Line.”

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  • For how long have you had this blog of yours? I really like the blog.

  • I wish your blog had a lot more commenting, in order to create more notes about your posts.

  • Kuwait has been the leader in Desalination for many years. During 1991 Iraq tried to destroy the plants, but they were so well built.
    What the world needs is Desalination for poor countries, placing water into the interior of the countries via pipes, etc. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet et al could build plants to relieve the misery of the world. Clean water, what more do you need. Better health, grow own food.
    So what do the Billionaires of Kuwait need to do. Build more plants, duh.

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