Battle to Reach Thousands of Sri Lanka Flood Victims

Over a million people have seen their homes flooded. Photo retrieved from:

“More than one million people have been affected by the floods,” UN children’s fund spokesman Mervyn Fletcher told the BBC from Colombo.

“That means they have either been forced from their homes or have seen their property flooded.

“Access to clean water is becoming a major problem and we and other agencies are distributing purification tablets.”

The UN says that crocodiles and snakes are a threat to anyone wading through the flood waters.

Mr Fletcher said that the floods were especially bad news for people in the east, who in recent years have also endured a civil war and a tsunami.

Food shortages

The floods have left some stretches of railway line under nearly a metre of water.

Officials in Ampara to the south of Batticaloa say the rainfall there since Saturday has been the highest ever recorded in such a short time.

“There is a shortage of food for children,” a member of Sri Lanka’s minority Muslim community in Ampara told BBC Tamil on Wednesday.

“We were forced to divide a single breakfast food parcel into four and give it to our four children.”

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