China To Develop Controversial Nu River Hydro Projects

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“The construction of dams and reservoirs on the UNESCO-protected Nu River — also known as the Salween — was first proposed in 2004, but disputes among China’s leadership and opposition from both Chinese and southeast Asian environmental groups has delayed the projects.

The Nu River, which begins in the Himalayas and snakes its way along the far western edge of Yunnan before entering Myanmar and Thailand, is one of the few major Chinese rivers yet to be dammed. The Chinese government says total potential capacity on the river could stand at 42 gigawatts.

The construction of big hydroelectric projects slowed in China after the completion of the world’s largest facility at the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River, with China’s leadership wary about the costs of relocating thousands of displaced residents as well as the environmental impact of massive reservoirs.”

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