Dam-Affected People Deliver Half a Million Signatures to Stop Belo Monte

Photo retrieved from: www.riotimesonline.com

“A delegation of leaders went inside the Presidential Palace around noon to present the petition, among them were Kayapó chiefs Raoni Metuktire and Megaron Txucarramãe from Mato Grosso state; Chief Ozimar Juruna, from Paquicamba village in Altamira; Josinei Arara, leader of Arara village in Altamira; Sheyla Juruna a leader of the Juruna people; and Antonia Melo, coordinator of the Movimento Xingu Vivo para Sempre.

“This is a life and death struggle,” stated Sheyla Juruna, one of the delegates who met with the Office of the President. “By pushing forward with this dam, the Dilma government is trampling on our rights. This is not just about defending the Xingu River, it’s about the health of the Amazon rainforest and our planet.”

Opposition to the dam project is growing among diverse sectors of civil society including scientists, politicians, dam-affected communities, environmentalists, and celebrities. At the rally today, Domingos Dutra, Labor Party Congressman from Mato Grosso and leading member of the Human Rights Commission of Congress challenged the government’s ambitious plans to promote an archaic energy model that includes plans for more than 60 major dams for the Amazon. Brazilian singer and songwriter Marlui Miranda performed at the demonstration while Marcos Palmeira, Dira Paes, Leticia Spiller and Brita Brazil were among Brazilian artists who issued written statements opposing the dam and calling for greener energy alternatives for meeting Brazil’s energy needs.”

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