Metrowater to monitor groundwater in expanded areas

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“The monitoring would help in understanding the groundwater level in those areas where rainwater is not being harnessed properly. For this purpose, the water agency is in the process of identifying observational wells.

Creating public awareness of the benefits of rainwater harvesting coupled with good rains over the past few years had improved the groundwater level in the city. Metrowater is expected to adopt a similar strategy to popularise RWH in the suburban areas that were merged with the civic body. The pressure on the water agency would be less if the newly added localities also harness rainwater effectively. The demand for drinking water in the Chennai Corporation limits has increased from 800 million litres a day to around 1,100 mld following the inclusion of the suburban areas.

“In the city, we study the groundwater table during the end of the monsoon as the fluctuations in the level would have settled. Good rainfall for eight years consecutively and proper maintenance of the RWH structures in most buildings has helped sustain groundwater resources,” an official of Metrowater said.”

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