Don’t Nuke Nuclear Just Yet; A Water War in SoCal

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The Washington Post on the anti-nuclear zeitgeist “Following the scary but ultimately non-catastrophic Fukushima nuclear crisis, every country with a reactor had reason to review the safety of its existing facilities and the integrity of its regulatory systems,” writes The Washington Post‘s editorial board. “But prudence demanded then and now that they not abandon the power source precipitously.” The audience for The Post‘s editorial is Germany and Japan, which are both trying to rid their grids of the energy source and reduce their carbon emissions simultaneously. Claiming that new technologies are making nuclear safer, the board says that the anti-nuclear factions of Germany and Japan are overly optimistic about temperamental renewable energy sources, mainly wind and solar, sufficiently meeting clean energy demand.

The New York Times on a California water war San Diego, stuck between a desert and a salty ocean, faces “end-of-pipeline paranoia,” forever worried how the nearby municipalities that provide its water and the pipes it runs through will nickel-and-dime the well-to-do city. We’re in the throes of the latest iteration of this water war, The New York Times‘ Adam Nagourney and Felicity Barringer report, as that group of municipalities “two weeks ago imposed two back-to-back 5 percent annual water rate increases on San Diego.” And while the battle over the rates will actually be decided in a San Francisco court, that’s not stopping the city’s water agency from waging a propaganda campaign labeling the consortium of municipalities a “secret society” —  being carried out on the Internet, of course.”

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