River pumping proposal sparks North Jersey water war

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“A war has erupted among North Jersey’s water suppliers amid the clashing realities of rising demand and chronically depleted reservoirs.

Robert Kecskes, recently retired from the state Department of Environmental Protection’s water supply division, fears the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission is gaining too much power over an increasingly scare resource.

It pits the local industry giant against smaller providers, as well as sewage authorities and environmentalists, and raises crucial questions about how much water gets pumped out of the region’s rivers — and who gets to take it.

The North Jersey District Water Supply Commission, an independent state authority, wants to draw more water out of tributaries of the Passaic River. The commission has asked to pump another 17 million gallons a day from the Ramapo and Pompton rivers during droughts to replenish its Wanaque Reservoir, which provides water to more than 3.5 million people.

Pumping more river water would provide “a reliable, secure and safe water supply for the residents of North Jersey for many years to come,” said Joseph Stroin, the commission’s acting executive director.”

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