LAFCO vote on controversial UCSC expansion delayed four months

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“The proposal touches on long-standing local issues, including university expansion, allocation of scarce water resources, student housing and environmental preservation. But it also has top city officials and the university on the same side, with the city arguing that added campus housing would ease neighborhood problems, traffic and water consumption.

LAFCO chair Neal Coonerty appointed a subcommittee to tweak conditions for the expansion, and another to look at future conservation efforts for the city’s water system. It postponed a final vote until October, when students return from summer break.

“There are many people – students, community members, faculty – that are concerned with the visibility of this issue,” said Zora Raskin, a third-year student who said it should not be voted on during summer.

At issue during Wednesday’s meeting, packed with campus activists opposed to the development of a long-planned (though not imminent) 240-acre North Campus, was a set of conditions LAFCO’s board suggested as a condition of extending the water and sewer services needed to start construction.”

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