Michigan DNR to remove illegal carp from lake

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“The Michigan Department of Natural Resources plans to use electrofishing and nets to remove illegal carp from a southern Michigan lake and study other nearby lakes for the presence of the fish, officials announced Monday,

The removal effort is planned this week at Marrs Lake in Lenawee County, where officials previously said they found a grass carp. The DNR plans to sample Washington, Wolf and Allen lakes, which are connected, for grass carp DNA to see whether the fish spread.

Grass carp are considered a species of Asian carp although they don’t pose the same risk to the ecosystem. According to the DNR, they eat important plants and can disrupt fish habitat.

The grass carp was found during a June survey after a fisherman submitted a photo of one at the lake about 20 miles southeast of Jackson.

During the survey, the DNR said, three other grass carp were spotted.

Tissue samples from the grass carp found during the survey were submitted to labs at theU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Southern Illinois University to determine whether the fish was capable of reproducing, and test results found that was the case, the DNR said.”

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