Karuma Villagers Want Dam Halted

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“After winning the contract for the construction of Karuma hydropower project, Chinese firm Sinohydro promised to start work within two weeks.

However, this might not be possible, following fresh wrangles that threaten to delay the project. Besides compensation wrangles, a rival Chinese company, China International Water and Electric Corporation (CWE), has gone to court to challenge the award of the contract to Synohydro.

The families affected by the project have petitioned the Electricity Disputes Tribunal, pursuant to the Electricity Act, seeking to halt construction of the dam until compensation rates have been agreed on.
Once completed in seven years’ time, the dam is expected to spur economic growth.

In a representative suit between William Ogik versus Attorney General, more than 54 project-affected families are contesting the “meagre” compensation rates offered. According to the complainants, the rates are inconsistent with inflation trends in the country.

Ogik is one of the residents of Awoo and Diima villages, Mutunda sub-county, Kiryandongo district, who must pave way for the construction of the 600MW hydropower project. The Karuma dam project is to displace more than 400 families in the four villages of Karuma, Awoo, Nora, and Akurudia in Kiryandongo district.

“We want the project but we need to be reasonably compensated. We want the right value for our property,” Ogik told The Observer after appearing before the tribunal.”

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