Residents Living on Citarum Riverbank Request to Be Relocated

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“The residents living there are willing to be controlled as long as the government relocates them to somewhere else.

Chief of RW 01 Cideng, Dadang Suherman, said that the residents hope the government would relocate them if theirbuildings were demolished. But, the relocation place must be clear, such as to flats. “There has been socialization for thenormalization of water channels in RT 17 and 18 RW 01, but until now there is no relocation from the governmentrelated to demolishment of residents’ buildings,” he stated, Wednesday (10/23).
Meanwhile, Head of Gambir Sub-District, Henri Perez, told that today, Wednesday (10/23), is the deadline for residentsto demolish their buildings themselves. Previously, his party has sent warning letter for three times. “We have sent themthree warning letters to demolish their buildings,” he uttered.
According to Perez, there are 200 illegal buildings standing on Citarum riverbank. Later, his party will demolish thosebuildings using two excavators and also deploy a dump truck. After that, Central Jakarta Water Channels ManagementPublic Works Dub-Department will do the normalization. “We’ll demolish all of the buildings today. Then, thenormalization of Citarum River will be directly carried out,” he asserted.”
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