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Water and sanitation in Katine

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“Here, as in many parts of rural Africa, fetching water is a woman’s job, as are most household chores. Therefore, a water source that is not only closer to home but safe goes some way to improving the lives of women such as Ati. Her family pays UShs 500 (18 US cents) a month to the water source committee elected by the village. That money, she explains, would be used for repairs if the borehole broke down.

Given that Amref drilled 11 boreholes in the first three years of the Katine project, eight in one year sounds a lot. But Amref’s acting water and sanitation officer in Katine, Lenox Ochan, says this became possible after abandoning plans for a UShs 150m ($54,000) motorised water pump for Tiriri health centre.

Local government and health centre staff had opposed the pump scheme because it was too expensive to build and maintain, especially since the national water utility has since extended piped water to the health centre. But Amref had appeared so insistent on the pump that its abandonment is seen as a victory for local officials – and for villagers such as Ati who have got boreholes built with the money that has been freed up.”

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