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4,000 Hold Protest To Save Agusan Watershed

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“SAN FRANCISCO, Agusan del Sur — At least 4,000 people joined Saturday’s “Motor Caravan to Save Mt. Magdiwata” in a bid to stop illegal miners from encroaching into the watershed forest reserve surrounding the 633-meter high peak to cut trees for mining tunnels.

The local parish priest and other religious leaders led prominent citizens and representatives of business and other sectors in a motor caravan protest aimed to stop logging, mining and other destructive activities that threaten the water supply of around 100,000 residents of this capital town.

The caravan of about 200 vehicles, including some 10-wheeler trucks, marched through the town’s major streets to end up at the foot of the Mt. Magdiwata range. Protesters in open cargo trucks bore placards, and chanted “Stop mining, stop cutting trees inside Mt. Magdiwata.”

San Francisco Water District General Manager Elmer Luzon, who joined the march and led his colleagues, said his office decided to take to the streets to dramatize their continuing opposition to ongoing illegal mining and logging activities inside the watershed.

“We have already tried all legal means and done exhaustive leg work to coordinate with various government agencies, but it seems it was not enough as illegal logging and mining activities continue to this day,” Luzon said.”

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