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Coca-Cola Mexico harvesting 1.25Bl/y of rainwater

Photo retrieved from: www.americajr.com

“The Coca-Cola Mexico Foundation captures 1.25Bl/y of water through its water harvesting programs, Luis Fuentes, Coca-Cola Mexico’s deputy director of corporate communication, told BNamericas.

The foundation set up a national reforestation and water harvesting program in 2007 in association with the national forestry commission (Conafor), and the national commission for the protection of natural areas (Conanp).

The program aims to “return to nature 100% of the water we use in our drinks and production processes,” said Fuentes.

As well as planting 30mn trees across the country, the foundation has built 162,000 groundwater recharge wells to harvest rainwater. The wells are 2m deep and built in mountainous regions across 250ha of land.

Water captured in the wells filters into the ground and recharges the aquifers, “ensuring water for Mexico’s future,” said Fuentes.

The reforestation and water harvesting programs have ensured that 87% of the water used in Coca-Cola Mexico’s processes is returned to the land.”

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China-India Water Shortage Means Coca-Cola Joins Intel in Fight

“A fight breaks out as student Vikas Dagar jostles with dozens of men, women and children to fill buckets from a truck that brings water twice a week to the village of Jharoda Kalan on the outskirts of New Delhi.

“Three thousand kilometers (1,900 miles) away, near Xi’an in central China, power-plant worker Zhou Jie stands on the mostly dry bed of the Wei River, remembering when he used to fish there before pollution made the catch inedible.

“Dagar and Zhou show the daily struggle with tainted or inadequate water in India and China, a growing shortage that the World Bank says will hamper growth in the world’s fastest- growing major economies. It also is pitting water-intensive businesses such as Intel Corp.’s China unit and bottling plants of Coca-Cola Co.against growing urban use and the 1.6 billion people in China and India who rely on farming for a living.

“Water will become the next big power, not only in China but the whole world,” Li Haifeng, vice president at sewage- treatment company Beijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd., said in a telephone interview. “Wars may start over the scarcity of water.”

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