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Rainwater Harvesting Must For New Buildings, Houses

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“It was observed that one of the solutions for replenishing the ground water resources is rain water harvesting by capturing the run off. In areas where there is inadequate groundwater supply or surface resources are either lacking or insufficient rainwater harvesting offers an ideal solution.

“If the ground water is exploited without being recharged then it will also affect the fresh water. One viable solution would be to go for recharging through rain water harvesting,” it said. In its effort to conserve ground water, the Delhi Government has made it mandatory for all newly-constructed structures in the city to have a rain water harvesting system. For this, civic agencies have been directed to collect an affidavit from property owners stating that they will make provision for rainwater harvesting system.”

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Water World Weekly: LA considers plan to reclaim wastewater for drinking water

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“The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has wrapped up its $2 million dollar Groundwater Replenishment Treatment Pilot Study, which takes a hard look at a plan to transform wastewater into drinking water.

Officials say the $700 million dollar plan will reduce the city’s reliance on imported water supplies. Currently, more than half of its drinking water comes from Northern California or the Colorado River.

The city’s Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant in Encino already pumps about 40 million gallons of reclaimed water daily for irrigation and industrial uses.

Under the proposed plan, 30,000 acre feet of that water would undergo further advanced treatment processes — including microfiltration, reverse osmoses and UV purification — before being injected into wells under the Hansen dam.

BY 2035, LA DWP aims to increase its use of reclaimed wastewater to 8 percent.”

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