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Shale Gas Industry Targets College Campuses, K-12 Schools

Photo retrieved from: www.alternet.org

“On Sept. 27, the PA House of Representatives – in a 136-62 vote -  passed a bill that allows hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” to take place on the campuses of public universities. Its Senate copycat version passed in June in a 46-3 vote and Republican Gov. Tom Corbett  signed it into law as Act 147 on Oct. 8 .

The bill is colloquially referred to as the  Indigenous Mineral Resources Development Act . It was  sponsored by Republican Sen. Don White , one of the state’s top recipients of oil and gas industry funding between 2000-April 2012, pulling in $94,150 during that time frame, according to a  recent report published by  Common Cause PA and Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania . Corbett has  taken over $1.8 million from the oil and gas industry since his time serving as the state’s Attorney General in 2004.”

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