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Bengawan Solo in need of restoration

Photo retrieved from: www.theflyingtortoise.com

“An immediate restoration of Bengawan Solo river basin in Central Java is urgently required as the river is in a critical condition, an environmentalist says.

Bengawan Solo is one of five highly polluted river basins in Indonesia along with Brantas in East Java, Ciliwung in Jakarta, Citarum in West Java and Musi in South Sulawesi.

Green Society Forum director Wasisto Daru Darmawan said this conclusion was based on a study of Bengawan Solo watershed that was carried out from April this year.

Biota samples were taken from the bed of the Bengawan Solo in seven regencies in the Greater Surakarta area, encompassing Surakarta, Boyolali, Sukoharjo, Karanganyar, Wonogiri, Sragen and Klaten.

The observation, using a method called biotilik, also involved 50 students from seven schools in Greater Surakarta.

The biotilik is a water quality monitoring technique which can provide more detailed information by observing the impact of water quality degradation resulting in changes in the river habitat.”

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