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Is Fracking Safe? Debate on Controversial Natural Gas Drilling Technique as NY Moratorium May Expire

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“The controversial use of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” that is behind the country’s natural gas boom has come under scrutiny in the new Hollywood drama, “Promised Land,” and met stiff resistance in New York state, where a four-year moratorium against the process could soon expire. Supporters say fracking is essential to U.S. energy independence, a way to revitalize depressed rural areas with new mining jobs and gas projects. But opponents warn that hundreds of millions of gallons of chemically treated water used in the process will pollute drinking water supplies and agricultural fields. New research by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the University of Colorado say methane — a potent greenhouse gas — may be escaping from gas sites at much higher rates than previously thought.”

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Fracking’s Methane Trail: A Detective Story

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“Petron saw high levels of methane in readings from a NOAA observation tower north of Denver. And through painstaking, on-the-ground detective work, she tied that pollution to the sprawling oil and gas fields in northeastern Colorado.

The story she stumbled into suggests that government may be far underestimating air pollution from natural gas production. Her measurements, which were published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, suggest that methane, a potent greenhouse gas, is leaking at at least twice the rate reported by the industry.

Coal Vs. Natural Gas: Which Is Cleaner?

Her paper was the latest volley in an intense estimate war under way in the scientific community about whether natural gas really is cleaner than the coal it’s already starting to replace on the electric grid.

A lot of research shows power plants pump out fewer greenhouse gases when they run on gas instead of coal. But no one really knows how much natural gas leaks out when companies are drilling for gas and getting it to power plants. Natural gas is primarily methane.”

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EPA Delivers Water to Dimock Residents

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“It comes after the EPA reviewed numerous water test samples and found contaminates it says are consistent with drilling for natural gas.

“We have a team of toxicologist at EPA that have reviewed and found some things at these particular four homes where we are delivering water today that could cause potential public health concerns,” says Trish Taylor, Region 3 Coordinator for the EPA.

“I got a call late this morning from the DEP asking if they can come test my water. Isn’t it a little late now to come all of a sudden to come and try to test my water. Where were you for the last over a year since you’ve been here to Dimock testing water, you have not, they have not been here to test the water,” says Craig Sautner.

The Sautner family and three other families will continue to receive water everyday supplied by the EPA.

The agency will also conduct water testing at 61 other homes in the area where Cabot Oil and Gas has been operating for the past few years.

A member of the group Frack Action read a statement from Actor Mark Ruffalo, who founded a group called Water Defense.

“When it is a matter of water no win is a small one, I applaud the EPA for its decision to intervene I strongly urge the agency to also provide relief to the other residents who are still without water,” Julia Walsh said as she read Ruffalo’s statement to the crowd.”

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