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Deluge of water protests hit India

Photo retrieved from: www.aljazeera.com

“Flooded farmers in central India have submerged themselves neck-deep in water – some for as long as 17 days – to protest a state government’s dam project that has inundated their lands.

The concept of demonstration by submersion appears to be spreading in India. Hundreds took to the waters of the Bay of Bengal in Tamil Nadu state on Thursday to protest what they say are the dangers from a nuclear power plant.

About 100 police in central Madhya Pradesh state arrested hundreds of water-logged demonstrators who live along the Narmada River on Wednesday. They were demanding the government adjust levels of a local dam to halt flooding.

The protesters in Harda district – where more than 240 villages have been inundated - had also asked for land and agriculture-loss compensation.

The villagers began underwater demonstrations in late August with a jal satyagraha - as the protest is called. Jalmeans water and satyagrah is a form of nonviolent resistance popularised by Mahatma Gandhi.”

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