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Water Pollution Threatens Lake Victoria

Photo retrieved from: www.african-cichild.com

“A study conducted by the ACCORD Tanzania has revealed that by 2048 there will be much less fish in the Lake Victoria. The study revealed that Nile Perch stocks went down from 750,000 tones during 2005 to 337,000 tones, in 2008. Tilapia also dropped from 27,061 tones to 24,811 tones over the same period.

The study also revealed that while there were over 400 fish species in Lake Victoria during 1920s, the number had dropped to almost zero with a few species available including Nile Perch (sangara), Tilapia (sato) and sardines (dagaa). “This is quite alarming and a joint effort is needed to safeguard the resources. There is over fishing and environmental pollution in Lake Victoria,” explained Mr Kasongi.

Experts say residents in the Lake Victoria Basin are in danger as a result of pollution of Lake Victoria and people are consuming contaminated fish.”

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