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Is the U.S. Reaching Peak Water?

Photo retrieved from: www.forbes.com

“Overall, there is plenty of water on the planet and it is (mostly) a renewable resource. But there are serious physical, environmental, and economical constraints on water availability that make regional water problems increasingly urgent. As a result, there are growing efforts in the business and investment communities to understand how risks of water shortages might affect corporate strategy and decisions, and conversely, how to maintain a strong economy in the face of growing freshwater limits. [For example, the UN CEO Water Mandate, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the Alliance for Water Stewardship, the World Economic ForumDEG-WWF Water Risk Filter, and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), among others, all have water and business-related efforts underway.]

There are three different definitions of “peak water” and there is evidence that the U.S., or parts of the country, have exceeded peak constraints for all three: Peak Renewable Water, Peak Non-Renewable Water, and Peak Ecological Water.

Peak Renewable Water. Most water resources are renewable, in the form of flows of rainfall, rivers, streams, and groundwater basins that are recharged over relatively short time frames. Renewable, however, does not mean unlimited.”

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