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Ravi Water Flow: India, Pak Engineers Battle It Out

Ravi River. Retrieved from: www.skyscrapercity.com

“AMRITSAR: Every year the banks of river Ravi becomes the battle field for the engineers of both India and Pakistan during rainy the season. Indian engineers are at war of wits with their Pakistani counterparts in not only preventing the erosion of strategically important land on banks of Ravi but also in neutralising Pakistan’s offensive to deflect river course to India.

Sources informed TOI on Thursday that Pakistan has constructed various bundhs along the river in Amritsar and Gurdaspur sectors to deflect the river course. They have also constructed defense structures including bunkers by raising high bundh on Ichhogil canal.

Due to construction of these bundhs, a large part of land from Ranian and Kakkar villages of Indian side are washed away during the rainy season. During this season Pakistan releases water, nearly one lakh cusec, from its villages of Mandhal and Marala and it increases the water level in Indian villages up to 3 lakh cusec. This high flow of water submerges villages around Ranian and Kakkar. ”

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