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Zimbabwe: Govt to De-Commission Boreholes

Photo retrieved from: www.portaltoafrica.com

“The typhoid outbreak has affected more than 3 400 people who have been treated at council clinics.

In an interview, Harare health services director Dr Prosper Chonzi said some of the boreholes likely to be sealed off include those situated near graveyards in Warren Park.

He, however, said not all contaminated boreholes will be sealed off as some of them are in areas which hardly get tap water supplies.

City authorities last month indicated that there are more than 20 000 boreholes in Harare with just 3 500 on the council database. This means most boreholes were drilled without council approval, raising fears they were improperly sited and could be contaminated.

Some of these boreholes set for de-commissioning are said to have been sunk near sewer lines. Boreholes should be sunk about 30 metres away from dump sites, graveyards and sewer pipes.”

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