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Dahr Jamail | New Mexico: Where Polluting Groundwater Is Legal

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“New Mexicans get 90 percent of their drinking water from groundwater. Yet the governor of this drought-plagued Southwestern state has given the copper industry carte blanche to pollute what is left of that essential resource.

New Mexico’s Republican governor is the industry-friendly Susanna Martinez, whose administration has been the bane of those concerned about the state’s environment and increasingly precious water resources from the moment she took power in January 2011.

“The Martinez administration behaves like a corporation focused on quarterly numbers,” northern New Mexico resident William deBuys, author of seven books, including A Great Aridness: Climate Change and the Future of the American Southwest, told Truthout. “Given the state’s long-term prospects under the warming and drying influence of climate change, New Mexico should be placing high priority on building its water resilience, including protection of its groundwater. Unfortunately, the Martinez gang doesn’t understand this, or doesn’t care. Susanna’s national aspirations and the hunger of her cronies for immediate profits trump everything.”

These are strong words, but deBuys is far from alone in his analysis.

William Olson is a hydrologist and geologist who worked 25 years for the state of New Mexico, including as the Environment Department’s chief of the Ground Water Quality Bureau as well as with the water quality control commission for 13 years.”

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Cotter Corp. Refuses To Clean Up Contaminated Water From Defunct Uranium Mine

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“Cotter Corp. is still refusing to clean up contamination at a defunct uranium mine west of Denver, where a now-contaminated creek flows into a metro-area drinking-water reservoir.

State mining regulators ordered Cotter to drain highly toxic water from the mine. They contend the Schwartzwalder mine is connected through groundwater to Ralston Creek, which flows into Ralston Reservoir. Denver Water and state tests have detected uranium at elevated levels exceeding health standards.

Tests last summer along Ralston Creek indicated uranium concentrations as high as 310 parts per billion, above the 30 ppb standard for drinking water.

Cotter has filed a lawsuit challenging the state order.

Cotter officials could not be reached for comment.

Denver Water officials say they’re relying on existing treatment systems to remove uranium contamination from the creek and reservoir before it reaches homes.”

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