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The best wastewater treatment plants can’t filter out superbug fragments

The best wastewater treatment plants can't filter out superbug fragments

Retrieved from: MedicalXpress

“The implications are unclear — researchers did not look for whole living , just for dead fragments of their  — but experts are concerned. Superbugs have developed resistance to almost every kind of antibiotic. They are building resistance faster than science can create . Many of them are deadly.

“Timothy LaPara and a team of researchers at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities, testing water pouring from a modern water treatment facility in Duluth, found genes of  in the discharge. Most American cities do not have facilities as good as Duluth’s, but no one knows for sure how much worse the situation may be at those facilities because it has not been measured.

“This is not a trivial thing to miss,” said Ellen Silbergeld, professor and editor-in-chief of Environmental Research at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Silbergeld said LaPara shows the situation is more troubling than many had thought.

“The best-known superbug is MRSA, , which even has been found in the locker room of a  team but usually picked up in hospitals. It is sometimes defeated by massive doses of multiple , but not always.

“A new superbug, Clostridium difficile, which can cause a fatal colon inflammation, now is on the rise. Two antibiotics work for that bug most — but not all — of the time. A quarter of patients relapse and some will die.”

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Utility Workers Union Launches Website Detailing Indictment of United Water Services for Alleged Environmental Crimes

Photo retrieved from: www.labortribune.com

“The Utility Workers Union of America has launched a website providing details about a criminal indictment recently issued by a U.S. federal grand jury against United Water Services. The UWUA will update the site – www.UnitedWaterIndictment.net – frequently to add additional news concerning United Water, a for-profit U.S. water and wastewater services company owned by French multinational Suez Environnement.

“This website is designed as a source of independent news and research concerning United Water, starting with the ongoing criminal prosecution of the company for alleged environmental felonies in Indiana,” stated John Duffy, UWUA National Vice President.

On December 8, 2010, a federal grand jury issued an indictment charging that United Water and two of its managers tampered with E. coli bacteria monitoring tests at a Gary, Indiana wastewater treatment plant between 2003 and 2008. Prosecutors allege that United Water manipulated the monitoring results as part of a scheme to reduce its costs for purchasing chlorine, which is used as a disinfectant before the plant discharges treated sewage into a public waterway near Chicago.

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Sustainable wastewater treatment plant planned in Netherlands

Contract signing ceremony. Seated L-R: Paul Spaan (Managing Director, Water Board Veluwe) and Piet van Helvoort (Board Member, DHV). Standing L-R: Robbert van der Kuij and George Onderdelinden (DHV); Douwe-Jan Tilkema and Patrick Blom (Water Board Veluwe).

“EPE, Netherlands, June 18, 2010 — Water Board Veluwe and engineering consultancy DHV have signed a Design & Build contract with a value of approximately 15 million euro for the replacement of the existing wastewater treatment plant at Epe with a new plant utilizing DHV’s Nereda® technology.

“Water Board Veluwe is the first water management authority to make full use of the highly innovative and sustainable Nereda® technology.

“The new treatment plant will be exceptionally sustainable and cost-effective. DHV intends to replace the existing system with a Nereda® plant, which will treat all wastewater produced in and around the town of Epe (in the east of the Netherlands). This will result in a doubling of the plant’s treatment capacity without increasing its footprint. The new plant will be taken into operation in mid-2011.

“The planned construction of the Nereda® plant in Epe is considered being a milestone in wastewater treatment. International interest in the technology is on the rise, with many experts viewing Nereda® as a major breakthrough in wastewater treatment. The technology is suitable for newly build as well as retrofit projects and for both domestic and industrial wastewater treatment systems; it achieved several national and international awards.”

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Arab Company Agrobics Cleans Industrial Wastewater, Inspired By Olive Waste

“Sabbah explains the problems of the agriculture business: Even with good intentions, the most “organic” of farms produces waste – of the organic variety. Whether it’s a citrus fruit facility, olive press, or meat packing plant, any producer in the agro-industry must be mindful of plant and animal waste that’s flushed down the drain.

“If agricultural wastewater went straight to the wastewater treatment plant, the facility would just collapse.” In his search for ways to increase the effectiveness of biological reactors that digest organic materials in wastewater, Sabbah developed an idea for a system that could be a standalone or add-on to treat agricultural wastewater.”

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