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Desalination: Little Oversight of California Water Boards

Indide Doheny Beach pilot desal plant. Retrieved from: DC Bureau

“Dana Point, California –When it comes to pushing for energy-intensive ocean desalination projects along the coast of California, the motivation of some water board members is being questioned.

“The wife of the pro-desalination chairman of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is a consultant to the Orange County water district, and she helped permit the Doheny Beach pilot desalination plant. She is also vocal in encouraging CalDesal, a nonprofit pro-desalination lobbying group supported by public water agencies.

“I think there’s a problem there,” says Debbie Cook, a former Huntington Beach City Council member who has been looking for conflicts of interest among the region’s often overlooked water boards.

“Kevin Hunt, district manager, says the fact Foley’s wife, Mary Jane, is paid by the district does not violate any law or regulation because Foley is not a board member, but rather an appointed representative to the regional water board.

“Reached during a tour of the Doheny Beach desalination pilot project, Foley denies that his wife’s involvement with desalination poses any conflict. “She believes in desal,” Foley, a retired Army colonel, says. “That’s the fundamental problem.”

“Asked about his own position on desalination, Foley says he is in complete support.

“But we have a difficult time with a lot of opposition that’s not really sustainable,” Foley says. “It will fade as we develop more need. Unfortunately, we have an abundance of water right now. In the long run we’re going to need desalination. We’ve probably pushed conservation as far as we can, quite frankly. Any more money poured into it is not going to return that much.”

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House Urged to Cut Back After Bottled-Water Tab Nears $1 Million

“If the Potomac River, which supplies water to the nation’s capital, had run dry, Congress might be able to explain itself. But it hasn’t. ”

“And that has left one group calling out the U.S. House for spending $860,000 last year on bottled water — money it says could have gone toward installing fountains of perfectly potable water. 

“A report from the nonprofit Corporate Accountability International found that between April 2009 and March 2010, House lawmakers spent an average of $2,000 per member on bottled water. 

“Corporate Accountability International is now joining with other advocacy groups to call on the House to set an example, by cutting bottled water out of its budget.”

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China Makes Water a $12 Billion Priority


Photo Retrieved From Wall Street Journal

“China suffers from an annual shortage of 40 billion cubic meters of water, the minister said, with two-thirds of cities having trouble accessing water.

“The water shortage is one barrier in the way of the government’s goal of meeting demand for important grains from domestic supplies. While the government has continued to declare statistical self-sufficiency, grain purchases from abroad surged last year, with imports in key categories reaching their highest levels in 15 years.

“Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of Sunday’s briefing, Chen Xiwen, one of China’s leading agricultural policymakers, said that “with changes in global trade and resources, our self-sufficiency may decrease.” But he added that self-sufficiency is “still an important concept…. It’s dangerous for a country with a population as large as China not to defend self-sufficiency in grains.”

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How We Can Stave Off the Triple Threat of Climate, Water and Food Crises

“There is growing recognition that water is the “key medium through which climate change impacts will be felt.” Climate impacts on water will directly affect agriculture. And, of course, agricultural practices can both impact and mitigate climate change. Yet, all three–climate, agriculture and water–are facing severe crises. It is the dramatic convergence of these crises that compel us to shift away from the dominant industrial agriculture model toward more sustainable and just alternatives.

“Ultimately, agriculture will play a critical role in addressing global challenges related to climate, water, social justice and food. These challenges cannot effectively be addressed in isolation. Instead, it is time to identify the interconnection between them and develop complementary policy options and action steps.”

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Dow cannot run from the legacy of Bhopal by sponsoring ‘Run For Water’ events

Dow LiveEarth Run For Water: Protesters Call Out Hypocrisy

“As Earth Day draws near, we’re seeing tons of companies try to get in the “green” bandwagon, with special products, giveaways and ad campaigns. For some companies like Dow Chemical with dubious environmental records, a little Earth Day sponsorship won’t slip by unnoticed. Dow sponsored the Dow LiveEarth Run for Water, a particularly ironic move considering they now own the company that is responsible for the Bhopal toxic gas leak that 25 years ago which still hasn’t been properly cleaned up, and continue to manufacture toxic chemicals.”

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