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Zimbabwe: Harare Still Dogged By Water Crisis

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“In Kambuzuma, residents said they had had intermittent water supplies for two months. They said their taps were always dry, save for a few days, where the service was restored during the night, only for the taps to run dry before 5am.

Children found fetching water at a borehole in Kambuzuma Section 1 yesterday said they made several trips to the borehole in a single day, as they helped their parents with household chores.

Nine-year-old Tsitsi Tamangani, who is a Grade Four pupil at a primary school in the suburb, said she and her friends were not enjoying the schools holiday as they had to fetch water most of the time.”

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Zimbabwe: As Piped Water Dries Up, City Dwellers Turn to Carrying Water

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“Bulawayo — Samukeliso Tshuma, a 33-year old mother of four, lives in one of Bulaway’s teeming high density urban townships, but these days gets her water the same way rural dwellers do – from a borehole well.

This is “something I never imagined I would be doing,” said Tshuma, who formerly relied on city-provided piped water.

Spare rainfall has hit water levels at dams supplying Zimbabwe’s second largest city with piped water, raising fears among municipal offers that supplies may soon run out, and leading to rationing and disconnection of some of the network.

That has left residents like Tshuma carrying water home – a way of life more common in rural areas.

“Like many others living in the city, we always associated boreholes with rural areas where women balance water cans on their heads and walk long distances in search of water,” said Tshuma after the Bulawayo municipality began a massive water disconnection and rationing exercise last month.

The Bulawayo municipality has over the years sunk boreholes across the sprawling city of 2 million as a response to increasingly low levels at the city’s five major supply dams.”

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