Replacing Pool Equipment

Do you own a swimming pool, but don’t you know about the usage of pool equipment? Well! Stick to this article because here we are going to have a detailed discussion about how and when you can replace your pool equipment.


A healthy swimming pool totally depends on the pool equipment you use. If your equipment pad is faulty, you will not be able to go swimming because of the harmful conditions of pool water. It’s always best to keep your pool equipment up to date with replacements and repairs. The question here is that how would you know that when will you do your pool equipment replacement?  What will be the suitable time to make replacements? And the most important thing is how you can replace or repair that? As a pool owner, you must understand all these


Without any further delay, let’s learn about replacing pool equipment in detail!

When should you replace your pool equipment?

It is the most asked and the most critical question: when should I work on replacing my pool filter, pump, cleaner, heater, etc.? The only one answer is not applicable for all situations. Your pool equipment life expectancy depends on many factors such as workload, age of the unit, water balance, hours of use, maintenance frequency, etc.; you need to figure out all these factors. Let’s discuss some signs that show it’s time for pool equipment replacement.


You are putting a lot of money in repairs. Like cars and other vehicles, at a certain point, you are spending more money each year on the pool parts than you will need to buy a new unit. Before getting to that point, it’s highly recommended for you to purchase new equipment.

Now it’s outdated and old. Eventually, the model you are using will expire. And as time goes on, finding the parts you need will gradually become more complex and expensive. Most pieces of large pool equipment are about 10 to 20 years old with regular tuning, proper maintenance, and repairs.


Do you want high productivity? As time goes on, the developers are manufacturing highly efficient pool equipment; this equipment is suitable for conserving energy and water. If your equipment is obsolete and outdated, then do some research. For instance, maybe you get amazed when you know how you will save a lot of money by shifting to a variable speed pool pump from a single-speed pump.

What will be the year’s best time for replacing equipment?

Spring is the right time of the year to replace any pool equipment before opening your pool. Many pool owners keep their pool closed for winter, late fall, and the early months of spring. When the pool is closed, current pool equipment is usually drained, disconnected, and stored to avoid freeze damage. If you want to replace the filter, pump, heater, chlorinator, or any other equipment related to the pool’s plumbing system, then the best time to do this is out of season. It will take you some months to carry out some research and seek help from professionals. You can find reasonable prices or can wait for a discount on flash sales. You can also ask professionals to install any equipment before opening your pool.


If you want to replace pool equipment in summers (or if you need to do it immediately), you will have something else to deal with. And if your new equipment doesn’t fit perfectly with plumbing, you should also be concerned about rebuilding the pool lines for your equipment pad. It’s not good to do this during swimming time.

Guidance for replacing pool equipment:

Have you bought a new heater, filter, pump, pool cleaner, or chlorinator? Are you ready for the next step? Well, you already have ensured the right connections for the plumbing and that the capacity of your pool is large enough. Now, let’s fix the new equipment you have bought.

If the pool equipment you have bought has junctions in the same place as the existing equipment, and the unit dimensions are the same, then the installation process would be easy. If the connections aren’t perfect or if the new equipment doesn’t fit properly in the old place in the pad, then a little re-plumbing is required. Water and electricity don’t merge together, so if there is any rewiring work, leave it to professionals; they can do it in the best way.


If you feel comfortable doing your work on your own, do the electrical and plumbing work on your own. You can get all the instructions to relate to installation from the manufacturer. But, if you don’t know how to install it, there is nothing wrong with asking for help. You can get help from knowledgeable and highly-trained pool technicians. You can ask for their service in every pool maintenance matter, from cleaning pool heaters and filters to installing any new equipment.

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