Swimming Pool Equipment Necessary for a Clean Pool and Hot Tub

Are you a pool owner? Don’t you know some things that are essential for a swimming pool? Well! In this article, we will look into five important things that you should know. For the safety and health of your pool, you must know the right equipment for your pool. The five pieces of equipment which I am going to discuss here can surely enhance your pool quality. Without any further delay, let’s delve into these things!


Your pool pump is viewed as the heart of the swimming pool. It is vital as it helps in the water circulation in the pool. If there is no pump in the pool, then algae, dirt, and bacteria will accumulate in pool water, and so the pool freezes, which is unhygienic and unsafe for swimming.


What’s the working of the pump? In a regular pump system, an electric motor rotates the impeller in the pump casing. The impeller helps draw water from different drains via a filter (it is also vital pool equipment). Then, it pulls the water back to water inlets. It’s recommended to use energy-efficient pumps as they are more cost-efficient than the traditional ones. They operate silently and help in saving 75% of operating costs.


The swimmers and the surrounding environment bring a lot of pollution to the swimming pools. So here is a piece of equipment that assists in debris removal from your pool. Debris removal is essential for safety, appearance, and hygienic reasons. The filters in the pool system are universal. Along with the pumps and motors, they are associated with the pool circulation system. As the water is flowed by the pump, the filter strained out the impurities. Filters are made from simple components and have no moving parts. Three types of filters are available:

  • Cartridge filter
  • Sand filter
  • Diatomaceous earth (DE) filter


Each type of filter has some advantages as well as some disadvantages. If you need any help regarding these filters, contact the pool professionals.

Pool cover:

Another important piece of pool equipment is pool cover. It takes a bit of work to cover the pool, but it will be worth it. The cover will not only keep your pool safe from debris and the external environment, but it can also function as a barrier when the pool is not in use. It will prevent the pets and children from falling in the pool.

Cleaning equipment:

Although you have high-quality filters and a pump for your pool, extra cleaning equipment is still required for maintaining the excellent condition of the pool. Let’s look into three different types of pool cleaners:

·      Pressure cleaners:

The pressure cleaners have more power than the suction cleaners. Many pressure cleaners work with an extra booster pump which requires an individual connection of hose in the pool wall. Maybe it’s expensive to have a separate connection, so if you haven’t had one in your pool, you can skip the option of pressure cleaners.

·      Suction cleaners:

These cleaners are connected to the skimmer box through the hose. To suck up the grime, they use the suction produced by the filtration system. Most of the pool cleaners are suction cleaners.

·      Robotic cleaners:

You are required to have a PowerPoint near your pool because robotic cleaners operate by electricity. These are cost-effective for vast pools.

Things to consider while selecting pool equipment:

When you are choosing the pool equipment, you must consider the following things:

Hose length: ensure that the hose is wide enough to reach from one pool end to the other. You can even take one or two meters extra to avoid the cleaning restrictions.

Adjustable: The pool cleaner you select should be able to handle a variety of pool sizes and shapes by fixing the main flow and hose buoyancy. The deflector is present in some cleaners that help prevent the cleaners from being stuck in one place.

The capability of step navigation: Ensure that the cleaner can navigate the steps if the pool has. For more information visit us at  bluewaterspoolservices.com


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